Protecting Your Baby Boys’ Feet with Loafers

Our children tend to be the first thing we think of in the morning and the last thing before falling asleep.  We put so much attention on many obvious items such as making sure they are fed, get enough sleep, are warm or cool and clean.  Sometimes we neglect their tiny little feet because putting on a pair of socks usually seems sufficient.  It is my belief that our boys, especially, are not getting the attention they deserve, starting with baby boy loafers.

Specifically, I am singling out boys for a couple of reasons: firstly, I have 3 boys of my own and know how hard it can be to dress up and help them stand out without it being too wild.  Secondly, girls tend to recieve much more attention when it comes to fashion statements.  Luckily, many entrepreneurs and other companies have seen this open market and have done a great deal to fill in this gap.

Baby Boy Loafers

Why Does My Baby Boy Need Loafers?

I’m not here to contradict or vilafy what you may have heard or read from the internet, doctors or you favorite Aunt Jane.  Like most choices in parenting, it is up to you and your baby.  There are some children that need the extra protection that socks and shoes provide, while others can’t handle anything on their feet.

We found that our boys needed something on their feet because of the hardwood floors throughout our house.  However, when they were learning to walk, socks were frustrating because they heald no traction.  The same was true with the cute pairs of crocheted booties that we seemed to always get at baby showers or gifts.

Baby Boy Loafers

What Do I Need to Know When Looking for Loafers?

You are the first and last line of defense when it comes to your child; by paying attention to the little things, you will know what is right and wrong.  And, according to WebMD

  • A child learning to walk should were shoes which have a soft sole and are made of lightweight material
  • The shoes need to be long and wide enough so as not change the foot’s development
  • If the shoe is uncomfortable or creates red sore points, stop using them
  • Find breathable materials because their feet sweat a lot
  • Know that you’ll be buying shoes often because their feet grow quickly

It goes without saying that loafers are not the only type of shoe that babies will wear.  I have just found that this is an underrated and overlooked category of shoe, and holds great potential for standing out in a good way.

Baby Boy Loafers

What if I Don’t Want to Do Loafers?

Baby boy loafers are not an essential aspect to early childhood development and may not be the right thing for your baby boy.  Some children, as they learn to walk, need the firm grasp that their little toes and direct contact with the ground will give them.  When they are just crawling around, a little extra protection to their toes can be essential.

No matter what you read here or anywhere else, you will make the choice and change your mind only when necessity dictates.

Baby Boy Loafers

Make Sure Natural Materials Are Used

One of the last things that many parents realize is just how much stuff ends up in a baby’s mouth.  This includes their feet, whether they are covered with a loafer or au naturale.  If the shoe he or she is wearing is coated or made with lots of chemicals, those are going into the baby’s system.

Most of time, this is no big deal due to the fact that most products are thoroughly tested.  But, some business standard may not be enough for you and it shouldn’t be.  Do your research and try to ensure that the highest quality standards are in place.

Even if your baby boy doesn’t chew on his loafers, having more natural materials around your baby helps them to more in touch with nature, less likelihood of adverse reactions and can help build their immune system.

Baby Boy Loafers

Now What??

As I’ve stated, this is your journey to explore with your child.  And, each child is a brand new journey.  My three boys had some in common, and I had more confidence after each one, but they each had their differences, personality quirks, loves and detetested things.  You get to find out what works for you, what makes your child happy, what their needs are and truly if baby boy loafers are for you.

“The stuff that I used to worry about before, it’s like I don’t worry about it anymore. Which is kind of a beautiful result of having a baby. It’s like everything gets so simple. It’s like, ‘Great, I care about how you’re doing. I care about getting you what you need, and the rest of this stuff, if it happens, great, if it doesn’t happen, oh well.” Briga Heelan